Autogen- The name of Microsoft's method for quasi-randomly populating areas of a ground texture with sets of buildings or trees. Because each model is very simple, a large number of them can be added to a scene to add realism. For performance reasons, the density of autogen objects can be set within FSX.

Flatten- A term used in FSX to denote a polygon that contains elevation information for the area under an airport. Since FSX only supports flat runways, airport data needs to sit on a 'flatten' to make the underlying terrain smooth.
FSX - The common name for the tenth version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
GIS- Geographic Information System. A set of computer software used for creating, analysing and presenting geographic data.
Ground texture- Repeating sets of image tiles created from aerial photography which are draped on the mesh. Each image set relates to a landclass and contains seasonal and diurnal (day/night) variations to enable a realistic representation of the earth without using actual geo-referenced aerial photography. It also relates to autogen objects such as trees and buildings.
Mesh-Files that contain information about the shape of the terrain. Each pixel in these files represents a height above sea level and these are rendered as hills and valleys on which other information, such as ground textures and airports are placed.
Landclass- Files that contain information on the type of landcover an area has such as farmland, city or forest. Each landclass type is related to a ground texture set. There are two methods for displaying landclass information in FSX: Raster land class and Vector Land Class
Polygon- An enclosed shape with a number of sides.
Raster- A spatial image where data is represented rows and columns of pixels, each covering an area.
Texture- An image applied to a 3D object or surface to make it appear more real. VLC includes custom textures which make trees and terrain in FSX match more closely to their real-worldl counterparts.
Vector- A combination of distance and direction. Vectors, unlike rasters are infinitely scalable.
VLC- The short name for the Vector Land Class addon scenery package covering New Zealand for FSX.
X-Plane- A flightsim developed by Laminar Research systems. It uses a totally different approach to flight simulation so addon products designed for FSX are not compatible.





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