Commercial Licensing and Scenery

VectorLandClass in association with RealNZ scenery is proud to offer commercial licensing and scenery packages for Microsoft FSX/ESP or Lockheed Martin Perpar3d.

With the increasing popularity of high fidelity flight training simulators based on Microsoft's popular home flight simulation program, it makes sense for individuals or organisations to consider leveraging this cost effective flight training solution. The benefits of integrating flight simulation training with real world flying are immense and include reduction in training costs for students, more effective learning due being able to fly a procedure multiple times and greater spatial awareness of locations all over New Zealand.

With the strategic partnership between VectorLandClass and RealNZ scenery products, a New Zealand wide scenery solution is able to be offered including customised models of local airfields either by request or from the existing selection of airports already produced (customised if necessary)

Like an installation of Microsoft FSX on a home PC, a simulator such as the Redbird line of fixed base and full motion simulators running ESP or Prepar3D will suffer from the lack of immersion created by the default scenery data in New Zealand. With a customised scenery solution paring a highly detailed model of the local aerodrome/s and nationwide coverage of VectorLandClass, local students will be instantly be able to recognise their surroundings and be able to transfer this spatial knowledge to their real world flying activities.

For international students especially, being able to get to grips with the physical surroundings of an aerodrome as well as the greater geographical setting in a new country is important, both for student knowledge and for the safety of the student and aircraft. With a flight simulator and accurate scenery data, this can be done in a cheap, risk free environment to prepare new students for their first real flights.

(Image Credit: Red Bird Simulations)

VectorLandClass paired with RealNZ scenery products provide an immense increase in the fidelity, accuracy and beauty of the view 'out the window' and ensure that the investment in a commercial simulator is not wasted on low quality default scenery data.

Please see this page on the RealNZ website for indicative pricing.

If you require more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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