Learning to fly? VLC can help!

Are you learning to fly in real life? Read on to see how VectorLandClass and FSX can help!

We realise that nothing can truly replicate the sensation of flying in a real aircraft and the knowledge gained by flying with a qualified instructor, but FSX enhanced with VLC and coupled with professional instruction can make your time in flight training that much more useful and will probably save you money!

Firstly, VectorLandClass contains the very same data that is used to create the New Zealand Visual Navigation Charts (VNC), so when you fly with VLC you can be confident that what you see on the screen in the simulator are the same things you'll see on the map and out the aircraft window. If you don't have a lot of experience with maps, then the last place you want to learn is in an aircraft costing hundreds of dollars an hour. Using FSX + VLC with your VNC charts allows you to get proficient with map reading so that when you reach this part of you flight training, you already have a good level of base knowledge.

Because it is possible to fly the same routes you are flying in real life in the sim, whatever the location or flight type, this opens up unique possibilities- Here are some suggestions on how FSX enhanced with VLC can help*:

  • Basic ground handling- Practice pre-start checks, taxing, pre-flight checks and radio calls while in a simulated environment that replicates placement of objects like windsocks, hangers and taxiways allowing you to be more confident when navigating around the airport in real life and helping to remember checklists.
  • Circuits- Practice circuits, approaches and EFATO procedures while being able to place yourself in the circuit by using the accurate placement of water, vegetation, terrain, streets and urban areas provided by VLC.- VectorLandClass can also be supplemented with a range of free or payware airport upgrades around New Zealand so that even greater accuracy and real world recognition can be achieved.
  • Cross Country- Before a planned cross country flight, fly the route in in FSX in order to familiarize yourself on visual land marks such as hills, lakes, forests, towns and roads and brief yourself on runway orientation and approaches to unfamiliar airports. Then after the initial instructor lead cross country flight and the solo PIC re-flight, double check your flight procedures before re-flying the route in real life.
  • General practice- FSX enhanced with VLC makes it easy to re-create any flight from your real world experiences to maintain proficiency- Want to practice forced landing procedures? Simply set up the simulator with the desired conditions and then reference your notes and practice until perfect

FSX enhanced with VLC is the smart pilots choice to get the most out of their real world instruction.

VLC will save you money!

Learning to fly can be expensive. Even if you are the perfect student, there are a lot of new concepts, rules and terminology to get your head around throughout your instruction and it is likely that you will need practice what you learn in order to remember it. As the saying goes, 'Practice makes perfect' but the smart pilot doesn't just practice, he/she practices smartly! Depending on your local rates and type of flying, supplimenting your real world training with accurate simulation practice time would only have to prevent re-learning one lesson or re-practicing a few approaches to have paid for itself.

For this reason, the $100 NZD or so needed to purchase a copy of Microsoft FSX and enhance it with a copy of VLC is a worthy investment- Mistakes are important when learning as they teach valuable lessons, but when the financial cost of mistakes are high, as they are in flight training, it makes sense to find a better way- FSX + VLC is the answer- No longer will you have to wait until you make a potentially expensive or dangerous mistake when flying in a real aircraft if you are flying accurately within flight simulator.

Part of the reason why VLC was developed was for this very reason- The main developer of VectorLandClass, after modelling his local airport and surrounds in FSX to aid his flight training, wanted something that would enable him to fly wherever he wanted in New Zealand and be able to compare it to VNC charts and the real world. It's better value for money via 'no surprises' flight training- Fire up the sim, check out or fly the route, brief the airfields and then fly the real thing.

So what are you waiting for? Improve your training and accelerate your learning using cutting edge technology: VectorLandClass


* Please note:

While FSX + VLC is about as accurate as you can get in a home simulator covering New Zealand, it is still considered 'for entertainment purposes only'- In other words, while good, a simulator isn't perfect and there will be small differences in things like airspace boundaries, radio-telephony procedures, aircraft performance and representation of locations.

As a student pilot supplementing your flying instruction with a flight simulator, you should always trust your 'real life' instructor or flying experience over what the simulator is showing and telling you. It is important to gain knowledge via proper instruction and then practice it in the simulator (making adjustments and corrections to match what you have learned in your flight training) rather than trying to gain knowledge and instruction via the simulator and then attempting to apply it directly to real world flying. If there is a conflict between the simulator and real life or if you are in doubt about anything, ask your real life instructor- They are the experts!

Are you learning to fly in real life? Read on to see how VectorLandClass and FSX can help!


New to flight simulation and want a better understanding of what it is and how this addon package works? Read on!


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